My Characters








Name: Sachi (female)

Rank: Bloodclan Warrior, 34 Moons

Personality: Distant. She hates most cats, and is good at fighting, but not so good at hunting. She spends her time adventuring if she's not trying to hunt or fight. She has a few friends, but the ones she has, she would protect at all costs.


Name: Robinpaw (male)

Rank: Fallenclan Apprentice, 8 Moons

Personality: Content, and doesn't really care about anything, except good friends and important events. He has 2 silbings, Rainpaw  and Frost. He is good at hunting. He likes to visit Frost a lot.


Name: Rainpaw (female)

Rank: Fallenclan Apprentice, 8 moons

Personality: Lively, always moving. She likes to go on border patrols and is friendly. Very self-consious about sharing personal things. Strict on the warrior code. She has 2 siblings, Robinpaw and Frost. She hates kits, but will defend them.


Name: Moonpaw (male)

Rank: Grassclan Apprentice, 8 moons

Personality: Quiet and always thinking. Obeys orders without complain but will break the rules often for a good reason. He has a soft spot for kits. He is blind in one eye, which gives him bad depth perception.


Name: Frost(kit) (female)

Rank: Fallenclan deceased

Personality: Prefers to be called Frost, instead of Frostkit, ad has a dislike towards Starclan and the Dark Forest. He wanders the four trees occasionally and speaks with her two Fallenclan siblings. She knows Moonpaw is her sibling, as well as Robinpaw and Rainpaw.



Name: Brokenleaf (female)

Rank: Rainclan warrior, 17 moons

Personality: Friendly and protective, usually in the front lines facing a threat. Loyal to the clan and cares greatly about her father(Thistlepath). She hates t when other animals/cats cross into Rainclan territory.



Name: Thistlepath

Rank: Rainclan Elder, 74 Moons (6 years 2 moons)

About: Stubborn. Spends time with kits and telling exciting stories about his glory days. With some convincing has retired early because of a fight with a fox, where it broke his right hind leg and it didn't heal properly. He loves kits, and is hunting often to relieve boredom.